Bedari Logo R Black

We are a private family foundation founded on the core belief that the more deeply people connect with themselves, their community and with nature, the more humanity as a whole benefits.

We are committed to creating positive impact at scale through dedicating our experience and resources to enabling significant cultural shifts in the fields of health and wellness, community displacement and environmental conservation.


The foundation’s vision is that humanity can cultivate the deeper sense of consciousness and awareness required to change underlying attitudes, beliefs and responsibilities about ourselves, our communities and our planet.


The Bedari Foundation strives to instill the mindfulness necessary to help solve health and wellness issues such as addiction, depression and trauma, community displacement issues such as refugees and displaced persons and environmental issues such as depletion of species, global warming and over-consumption.

The Foundation champions and encourages a philosophy of interconnected well-being and invests in and supports programs that further these ideals through action and education.

Guiding Principles


We must strive with our whole heart for what we believe in


The wisdom of our community is our greatest teacher


Our awareness about ourselves and our planet is what shapes our future


We seek to carry out our work with honesty, humility and respect


Humanity’s destiny is ultimately shaped by our deepest desires and intentions


No dream is too big for humanity to pursue