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Bringing community hope, environmental conservation and infrastructure development to Mozambique through public-private partnership.

The Karingani Game Reserve is a new 350,000 acre positive impact sanctuary in southwest Mozambique bordering South Africa’s Kruger National Park. The Bedari Foundation has partnered with The Jones Group, Twin Cities Development and Singita for the purpose of providing critical resources to ensure Mozambique’s at risk environments for the benefit of future generations. This large scale project establishes a permanently enlarged ecological conservation area that not only greatly increases dedicated wildlife management but also sustainable protection through community education and involvement and infrastructure development.

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Commitment to Real Impact Requires Measurable Intent

Our success is evaluated by meeting the goals we set in the specific areas of community, conservation, infrastructure development, reserve establishment and wildlife management.

Measurable Intent


We are devoted to the restoration and maintenance of historic biodiversity through the re-establishment of key ecological processes including the re-introduction of locally extirpated animal species and the restoration of the historical genetic diversity of selected ungulates.

Our expert, scientifically-based management is driven by ongoing monitoring and research. Our methods of achievement are:

  • Employment of suitably qualified staff in the conservation of natural resources
  • Conservation best practice engineered through a participative research department
  • Sponsorship of regional students selected to study topics of relevance to Karingani
  • Wildlife protection, led by community members as partners
  • Conservation education programs
Measurable Intent

Reserve Establishment

Karingani Reserve is set on nearly 350,000 acres of pristine wilderness bordering Kruger National Park in South Africa.

It is a diverse and beautiful piece of Africa, boasting geological diversity, habitat variability and a wide variety of plant and animal species.

We are home to a healthy population of endangered black and white rhinoceros, elephant and buffalo herds. Lions, cheetah, leopard, hyena and painted hunting dogs keep the herbivore population in check. Apart from the ‘Big 5’, Karingani has 17 different species of antelope, 14 species of eagle and over 400 different bird species. Giraffe, zebra, impala and wildebeest abound throughout the area.

Lake Massingir, situated below Limpopo National Park, is home to hippos, crocodiles, terrapins, monitor lizards and is a fishing and bird watching paradise.

This protectorate is meant to be nourished to thrive for generations to come.

Measurable Intent

Wildlife Management

We conduct annual helicopter surveys for invaluable information on population dynamics that are used to guide all decisions.

Fire is also used as a carefully considered tool to maintain a flow of quality fodder to support the large mammal populations, maintain or enhance spatial heterogeneity and reduce the risk of accidental or arson fires that may threaten important plant species or destroy the composition of an important vegetation community. Of course, burns are implemented on the basis of past fire frequency, herbaceous fuel loads and pending rainfall forecasts.

Security is an essential component of our oversight. We’ve developed a well trained, fully equipped and organised scout force. Scouts carry out the dual roles of anti-poaching and collection of data on the spatial distribution, population structure and general health of animal populations. This effort will not only protect the animals of Karingani but provide much needed protection for the often breached Kruger National Park border.

Measurable Intent


One of the primary objectives of Karinagani is to structure and conduct its activities, both on and off the estate, such that it builds the community in an inclusive and responsible manner.

It endeavours to make a material and lasting contribution to the development of the Mozambique economy. A significant part of this is a focus on the awareness and education of the community’s young people about the importance and value of the country’s cultural and natural resources.

Measurable Intent

Infrastructure Development

Our management team has endorsed local government by assisting with appropriate infrastructure development projects.

Examples of these are the building and / or restoration of schools, clinics and other associated facilities in the neighbouring communities and the sinking of boreholes to provide fresh, clean drinking water.


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